Hi guys! Welcome to Day 3 of my 5 fall articles! Here are the previous two:

I am obsessed with morning routines and I have finally perfected one so yay! Let's go!

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6:30am wake up and grab laptop

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I find it super hard to wake up at 6:30 in the morning so just to make sure I'm awake, the first thing I do it watch youtube to awaken my brain a bit! I know this isn't a great habit, but it really helps! I love watching fall morning routines to make me feel more productive about getting up!

7:00am get out of bed

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I get out of bed and open my curtains. Then I open my "windows" I dunno what they are called but they lead onto my balcony. I then go outside and look at the view. I then also drink a glass of water! Stay hydrated! It's always so misty in the mornings and I love the smell.

7:10am bathroom

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Then I head into my bathroom and wash my face! I use the Eucerin DermoPure face cleanser that I bought in Nice, France, and omg it is so amazing! It's so simple yet works so well on my skin and it's only ยฃ17.99! I also brush my teeth and hair!

7:20 breakfast and brains

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literally eat this everyday i'm obsessed with avocado on toast!

Ok this title is weird but true! Lol in the morning, before I go into the kitchen to make breakfast, I put my headphones on and listen to the guardian news and politics podcast if I don't have a paper newspaper, which I would read over breakfast.
I also eat my breakfast on my balcony if it isn't too cold lol!

7:40am stretch and laptop

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Then I stretch ad go on my laptop, check emails, watch some of The Office and Desperate Housewives (oops!), do some work and organise stuff!

8:00am Shower

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Hop in the shower and do skincare routine! And then I'll probably just sit down and start my day!

8:15am coffee time!

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Then I finally allow myself to have my morning coffee!

Ok so follow me so we can be friends!

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love, Gaia xxx
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