Helo guys,
I started college this summer and it has been two months since, and I have seen a lot of my friends struggle already. Therefore I thought that it would be a good idea to give you some tipps for school/college/university if you need them.

  • Stay organized. Find your own system and stick to it.
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I normally have a planner with me at school, where I document homework, due dates, anything related to school. At home, I have a erasable calender where I document exam days and what is planned this month, like events, days I want to spend with my friends and more. This helps me to have an overview of the month.
  • Don't prograstinate.
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I know it is said easier than it is done. But it is really important that you don't do anything last minute. Especially in college, sometimes life can get overwhelming or you forgot that you had to do something. Therefore get it done a couple of days in advance. I normally choose friday to do all the homework that is due the next week, so I have it out of the way and time to enjoy my weekend.
  • Do your homework!
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It is really important that you read when you are supposed to read. Especially in large classes, they normally don't give homework except for reading. But it is important that you do read, just to follow the next lesson better and to really understand what is going on. Like that you have the possibility to ask any questions you might have.
  • Take notes while reading.
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That's something I realiyed the first week of college. I was reading, but the next day I couldn't remember anything I read. Therefore I started taking notes while reading which helped me to remember a lot.
  • Also take notes during the lectures.
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I know a lot of people like to take notes on their laptops nowadays, which is fine as long as you take notes. Eventhough the lecture mostly is online already, it helps you to focus writing down the slides and helps you remembering later on. I personally like to take notes by hand, just because I think it helps me to learn better. Also annotate your notes with a different coloured pen. Anything the professor says, that is not on the slides and that you think is important.
  • Don't skip class.
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Eventhough some classes don't require attendance and therefore you don't need to go, my advice is to still go. First of all, mostly there are still in class assignments or quizzes that you might miss, some even give bonus points. Also it is important to listen to the professor going over the slides because he might mention something that is going to be on the test.
  • Try to organize your schedule, so you don't have too large gaps.
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In college, you can decide when to take what classes and sometimes you can't avoid have gaps inbetween. But try to limit it, just because you are probably not going to be productive in those gaps. Yes, you could do homework in the library, but normally you are just exhausted and don't want to do anything. Therefore, it is better to have all your classes together and then you just could go home, like it was in your school liife before.
  • Maintain a normal day-to-day life. Have a routine!
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To be honest, since I am in college I have so much free time, which I wasn't used to. Back in high school I was glad, if I had some free time, because me schedule was always packed, with school, exracurricular activities, projects and volunteer work. But don't take being a college student as an excuse to be lazy. Do something with your free time! That's why I would advise morning classes, you are done for the day and you don't have any temptation to sleep in. Also keep yourself busy, after planning anything school related, if you still have free time, get new hobbies, a job, join some organiyations/groups or volunteer somewhere. This is the time to get yourself some money, build up your resume or work on big projects that you always wanted to do.

I hope you enjoyed the article and the tips were somewhat helpful! It does help me stay ontop of my stuff and get good grades as well! If you have any questions or requests for the next article, fell free to message me!