"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."
~Lauren Hutton
Classic, basic pieces are a must-have in everyone's wardrobe but they can make your outfits feel kinda monotonous and repetitive. That's the reason fashion trends exist. Every season we have new trends going on that bring a fresh, new, imaginative vibe to your everyday looks. Here are all the new trends that will help you spice up your fall/winter wardrobe.
➵ Blazer Dress
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It's the ultimate girlboss fashion piece this season. Come as no surprise that so many fashion bloggers and models are rocking it non-stop from street style photoshoots to high fashion shows.
➵ Mixed Prints
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We saw this trend all over the stores during spring and now it came back to take over fall/winter fashion as well. The only thing that changed is that the colors and the prints are adjusted to fall/winter season such as tartan, leopard, checkered and plaid print.
➵ Cartoon Graphics
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This is probably the most fun and nostalgic trend for me. It literally speaks into my childhood soul.J-Hope by BTS was one of the first who slayed this trend by wearing a yellow Bugs Bunny sweater on their recent music video called Idol.
➵ Color Blocking
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This 60s trend made a huge comeback this year but with a modern twist. Color blocking is about pairing together shades that are opposite on the color wheel so as to create a complementary and contrasting look. Think of electric blues paired with caramel oranges or hot pinks with reds.
➵ Corduroy
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Travel back to the 70s in corduroy pieces. Stay classy with soft earthy tones or play around with bold new colors. Whatever you choose, covered in cords is the way to go.
➵ Animal Print
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"Go wild or go home!" is this season's moto. Animal print is coming back strong featuring leopard and snakeskin prints as the stars of the show. Classy or edgy? Be both with the hottest trend of the season.
➵ Knee-high Boots
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Knee-high boots paired with a miniskirt were everything back in the 70s. Now, they have introduced once again in a more classy way. You have nothing to worry though. You can still easily get that retro aesthetic look by pairing them with a plaid miniskirt. Lesson being, fashion is recyclable.
➵ Belt Bag
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From the legendary Chanel belt bag to the zipper belt bag we all used to wear as kids, the selection of designs, prints and shades are endless. Style it across your chest or around the waist, you choose.
Love or hate? How do you feel about season's latest trends?
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