Omg! I'm loving writing these articles! Ok so one of my favourite things about autumn is long cold walks with a wonderful podcast!I kinda have a walk routine because I like by a wonderful park which is so fall themed yet fancy and palace - like at the same time! It is the old palace gardens for the Bishop of London and it is by the water so amazing sunset views!

What am I listening to?

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I always have my ear-buds in my ears when I go on walks, I just feel like it's a necessity! SO. What do I listen to?


Ok so I listen to quite a few, not so fall themed but love them!
- Kalyn's coffee talk
- The Tiny Meat Gand Podcast (omg my and my friends laugh our heads off at this, it's also super chill and cool to listen too while waking around, Cody and Noel are hilarious)
- My Dad Wrote a Porno
- The History Extra Podcast
- Unsolved Murders: True Crime


What do I do?

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Ok! So first I go to my local corner shop and get some candy! I'm addicted! And my local coffee shop and get a cozy spiced tea! I take both of those things with my and head to my park. It is so nice because my neighbours all have dogs and babies and they always go for walks so I usually talk to them with some small talk! Then I do to the park and walk around for a while, take some pics and sit down in the gardens or by the fountain and drink my tea! I read or just sit there and listen to my music or podcast!

(Sometimes I also go to one of the craft shops and do some fall shopping because I'm terrible with money. I swear I spend like ยฃ25 a day and my parents always laugh at me but whatevs it gets me in the fall mood)

Ok I hope you enjoyed! You can write to me with any fall themed articles you want! Follow me for more! Xxx

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