Hey Guys,

so today is Tuesday and I already had two days of university, so I thought I will share my first impression with You ☺️

at my article before I shared my PREPARATION for the FIRST UNI DAY so check it up if you didn't 😉

I did not write the article after my first day because in my opinion it was to less time to get an opinion and because the day was to short so the article will come online after my second day.

ooooups....haha no, joke I hope you are not angry with me and let's start!😜

wow, right now I am sad that I do not have Youtube cause it would be so much easier to talk to You than to write...but yeah....🤦🏽‍♀️

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The Road

so I belong to those students which have to drive to their university into another city cause there isn't one in my city.

I have to drive 50-70min up to the traffic and public transport because I have no car or better say I am doing my driver license right now....yippie🙄

I have to take the bus, train and the underground so I guess You can imagine how stressful it is when one of them comes late you will miss your next stop and then you get panic and just want to drive home ...haha so was I.

But on the other side I have to say it is relaxing just to sit and watch the people or read or just listen music before or after the class so I guess it won't be that awful after a while.

I pretty hope so.

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First Impression of my Uni

I have to say I just was once before at my university to complete my application so I had absolutely noooooooo Ideas where to go or what to do.

I guess that was not the best option for a first good start but I managed it with a little bit help.😅

So to be honest, I don't find that my uni is pretty. no absolutely not. I already visited an other uni and I liked it more cause it was easier to find the buildings and it was more structured than my one but yeah...🤷🏽‍♀️

But also what did I aspect? I am not visiting an elite university in a huge metropolitan city so I would say it is okay...from the outside it maybe looks cold but the rooms are quite modern and friendly so absolutely enough.

Btw I study Psychology just to mention for the people who may ask...hihi😜

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Finding Friends

hahaha so I guess that is one of the important points when starting a new chapter in your life.

soooo I can say it isn't that hard to find friends but you have to do something. You cannot hope that someone comes to you or better say... this opportunity is also possible but just with luck.

I am a person who is a little bit shy so I am honest when I say that when a 7 person girly squad stand directly in front of me I walked pass through them cause I didn't have the courage to ask if I am at the right building or not.😁

BUT I have to say that was a good decision cause some meters away was sitting a girl on the stairs which already smiled to me so I just went to her and asked if she will be in my course ....and hell I found my first friend...hurray🎉 🎉

after a while two other girls came to us and we were a 5 person group after another girl take courage to come to us.
after the day I can say we were a 6 girl group because in one of the tasks we have to do I met another girl and now after the second day we are already pretty close and write through messenger.
And after today I can say I found another girl wich is quite nice so I just give you the advice if you see somebody you maybe could like the take the courage and just talk to the person.🎀

At the beginning it does no matter if you will be close to that person during the university time but at least you are not alone at the first day!

I also know right now that I don't want to be in that girly group from the beginning. 🤔
idk but sometimes the appearance says so much about the person and its personality and I just have the feeling I won't fix into that group....hahah oups🤷🏽‍♀️
But who knows?! maybe I will be close friends with them after a month?! We will see...hahaha🙃

maybe a little advice here:

yeas a huge group can make a lot of fun but it can also be very stressful. People can be toxic or not the one they pretend to be so I just can say I am happy about those some girls I found because we aren't like a group which have not to do everything together but you can come and talk if you need help but also can just be with a second person private or just for your own.
sometimes a smaller group or just some few people are so much more worth than thousand friends...remember that☝🏽

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General Impression

so of course I cannot say if I like university or not at this point...
but I can say that it has some pretty nice points for the future.

  • You learn to grow up and to organise your life by your own
  • There is a lot of self decision which you can or have to take....so if you want to go to that class or not, if you want to take another extra subject or not...everything is up to you
  • its pretty cool to have sooo educated teacher which also have a pretty nice humour.... really I just met one of my teacher and I really like him
  • finding and meeting new peoples and start new friendships
  • alt of parties will wait for you....wuhuuuuu

and so on and on...

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so as I said I cannot talk about soooo much at this point but I hope I still could give you some impressions of study life and maybe some advices too!

If you want to hear more of my student life or that I keep you up to date or better say up to month then please let a heart back so I know if there is interest or not!

I love to to talk to you and to share my experiences with you so I would be motivated to tell you more about my life, I hope you share this interest.☺️ 💕

and I guess that was already all and I hope you enjoyed it a little bit.

feel free to write me per direct if you want to talk to me or to share your experiences ✍🏽

btw I have created a new instagram account where I will keep you up to date about new articles or quotes
I would also share a lot of reviews to beauty products if you want
I also will do some videos for you so it will be easier for you to get in contact with me!
I just hope we will grow to a little cute community where we all support each other!
Do not panic, my account will be private, so I will protect myself for cyber attacks or annoying questions from my old school friends!
I will accept everyone who have real interest and I cannot wait to share with You The girl I am!!!



with love,

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