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Hi guys! I thought I would do 5 days of fall. Each day I'm going to talk about fall things to do everyday and then on the last day I'm going to narrate a fall day in my life. Like my daily fall day routine I guess!

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Journalling is a wonderful thing to do in the autumn. It's creative and beautiful. You can sit down and have your warm spiced or chocolate drink and just write. I like to make a journal entry of all things autumn. With pictures, I printed from WeHeartIt and with fall inspired doodles, I decorate the pages.

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Journalling is also a form of stress relief and a great output for creativity. I'm doing my sociology and English GCSEs now which are extremely stressful! So journalling is a great way to release that!

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So find a notebook of your choice, paint or decorate (I like to make a collage of beautiful images and stick it on the book) and make that your journal. You can write practically anything. Aims for the future, goals, aspirations, doubts, inner thoughts, and anything that comes to mind. Find a beautiful pen and write away! Have fun! xx

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