Hello hearters,

Yeap it’s finally October. My favorite month of autumn is here.. Personally I feel like we are in the heart of fall.. The air is crispy , leaves has change color, it gets darker earlier and of course everything is spookier now.. 👻

So thats why I have my fall routine .

autumn, cozy, and book image

During this season I like to take care my self.. I love to try new skincare products, new make up looks and try my best to stick to my fitness routine.

aesthetics, autumn, and bonfire image

I also like to try new stuff. Take long walks to my town with a hot latte in my hand while listening to my favorite cozy fall music.

autumn, brown, and colors image

Moreover I really like watching old favorite tv series, like gossip girl or friends or find new ones with more cozy vibes.

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Buying new books is also a habit of mine. I love spending time in bookstores, trying to find the right book for fall. My all time favorite fall book is Harry Potter and when I don’t have the time I love watching the movies with a huge ball of pop corn..

book, rain, and autumn image

So those are my thoughts for the new month..
I hope you enjoy reading it; and there are more coming..
Until then, stay warm stay cozy..