Jeans are always a good idea.
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-Hello lovely people of the WHI community!
So, yesterday I was at the mall, jeans shopping and I noticed just how hard it was to find the perfect pair of jeans. Some made my butt look bad, some suffocated me, some made me look gigantic and so on. However, I don't believe for a second that it's my body's fault. And so, here I am, a day later, ready to present to you:

The guide to finding your perfect pair of jeans.

✂| Figure out your body shape.

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This is the #1 secret to finding your ideal jeans. Now, generally speaking, if your body is the third, fifth or seventh shape, consider trying low waisted jeans. You can pair them with whatever top you like, as these types of jeans emphasize the hips, giving you some shape. For shapes one, two, four and six, high waisted jeans are the way to go. However, you can still try different types of jeans besides those recommended, just remember to be careful and steer clear of jeans that give you 'muffin tops'. This means that your jeans are either too tight or too low.

✂| Color makes all the difference.

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Darker colors create the illusion that we are thinner, whilst lighter colors do the opposite. So, if you are aiming to look larger, light wash jeans should be your pick and if you're aiming to look thinner, go with dark wash jeans.

Another thing worth mentioning is the light wash stripes going down some darker jeans. Now, if you find a pair like them, ditch them immediately. The stripes will enlargen your thighs and, if they stop to the knee, they will also make you look shorter.

✂| Watch that zipper!

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How many times have you tried on high waisted jeans only to see that they give you a camel toe? Well, here's the trick. If the zipper on a pair of high waisted jeans doesn't reach all the way down to the crotch (like on the first picture) then don't bother trying them on. Not only are they going to give you a camel toe, they are also going to make your tummy look bloated.

✂| Beware of the back pockets.

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If you want your butt to look round and plum in your jeans, here's what you need to know: back pockets will be the deal breakers. Yes, that's right. If the back pockets are far apart from each other and very large, your butt is going to look wide and soggy(picture 2). To get that round, juicy butt, check that your pockets are closer to each other and smaller (pic 1). For a more natural looking result, your pockets shouldn't be too far from the butt crease and if they are, that will only make your butt look perkier.

And there you have it. The secrets to finding your perfect pair of jeans. Who's ready to go to the mall?

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