Hello guys,
I know it is probably a bit late to do a "What to bring to school" because it is almost october already and school has already started for a few months, but I decided to do it anyway, because normally at this time of the year, everything I had organized, is becoming messy. So therefore I thought this is a good idea!

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Pens/pencils are the most important essentials, because you just need them all the time and I personally feel like it's awkwars to ask for them. Also an eraser is good and some highlighters and whatever pens you like.
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I feel like a planner is super important, I know some people have them and some don't. But the planner just helps me to stay organized throughout the school year, helps me oversee what i have to do, when exams are and what homework I have. Just remember to actually to write in it! xD Also some of them are really pretty so I like them :)
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Of course, you need notebooks to write notes in, do your homework.. I normally use a notebook for each subject or I have a binder, depending on the amount of print outs we get from the teacher.

Also I always take some loose paper, if I ever need some or need to turn in some assignments. A file would be good too, just to put away the loose paper or any papers you might get, it really helps you to keep your backpag organized.

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Normally I don't take my laptop to school, just because I don't need it at school and I take notes by hand (helps me studying). I only take it to school if we are required to or if I need to write an essay, because I had doing that on the school computers. Also when I do bring my laptop, I am very careful and normally have it in a laptop case.
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Those are some essentials that I carry around with me daily, just because I feel like they are just necessary in my daily school life and you just always need them. They are normally in a small suplly/beauty bag, like the last picture shows.
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I always have water and some snacks in my bag, just to stay hydrated and if I get hungry, which is always xD
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A few more every-day essentials. Headphones are important, but also your phone, powerbank, wallet and of course gum.
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And lastly, you need a bag to put all your school stuff in, a purse is also possible. I have the PINK bagpack and I really love it, because it looks cute, but it is also very big, so you can put everything in there. You don't need to make it all fit, and therefore it really is my favourite.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it was helpful. If you have any questions or comments let me know and don't be afraid to message me! :)

Also I will be posting some articles about school routines and school tips, just because I think it is a current topic right now. So stay updated fellows!!