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As I'm sure you all know, there's a huge makeup craze going on right now; nearly everyone on Instagram is posting their makeup looks, and new makeup products. And let's not forget YouTube - my goodness! there are so many makeup tutorials being posted everyday - its kinda hard to not notice any makeup related content on the internet these days.

If you're having major FOMO, and you desperately want to get into makeup as well - then you're gonna need to know the basics first: which I will break down in this article.

(Disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru nor am I a makeup specialist. These tips are based on my own personal experiences with makeup and what I've learned from my fave beauty gurus).

Tip #1: Prep your face

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I never used to prime my face before I applied my foundation and my makeup wouldn't even last an hour without it rubbing off my face.

Use a primer before you apply your foundation so that your makeup sticks on better and lasts long. The Smashbox photo finish primer and the Benefit Cosmetics porefessional primer will ensure that your makeup stays on all day long.

Its best that you choose a primer that works well with your skin type: If your skin is oily - use a mattifying primer and if your skin is dry, use a hydrating primer.

Tip #2: Choose the right foundation

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There are three important things to consider when choosing a foundation: the shade, finish and coverage.

To find the right foundation that perfectly matches your face, colour match by swatching the shade on your chest, and if the shade blends in with your chest - then that's your shade! this a trick that I've learned from popular beauty gurus like Jackie Aina and Chloe Morello.

You also need to figure out if you have dry skin, oily skin or a combination of both. This will allow you to choose a foundation with the right finish e.g. matte foundation or a dewy foundation.

Coverage is also something you should consider as well. If you want a foundation that can cover up your acne scars - choose a foundation that is full coverage; but if you want a foundation that looks natural, grab a foundation that is lightweight and medium coverage.

Tip #3: Use a setting powder with no Silica

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If you don't want to look like flashback Mary or a powdered doughnut when you snap a group selfie with your girls on your night out - then you need to get a setting powder that has NO Silica; the problem with having Silica in translucent powder is that it creates a white cast on your face when you take a picture with the flash on; therefore ruining your whole makeup look.

Before you buy a translucent powder, make sure that you check that it doesn't have Silica. I recommend that you get yourself the Laura Mercier translucent powder, the Ben Nye powder, or the Dermablend loose setting powder; as these powders have zero Silica in them.

Tip #4: Choose a contour shade that is 2 times darker than you

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Using a contour shade that is too dark for your face can make your face look muddy; instead, choose a contour shade that is only two times darker than you so that your makeup looks well done.

Tip #5: Use a concelear that is 2 times lighter than you

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If you want to perfectly brighten the areas under your eyes, forehead and chin - you need to use a concealer that is 2 times lighter than your foundation. Choosing a concealer that is three times lighter than you is really, really pushing it; you will ruin your makeup look if you do because your makeup will look horrible in flash photography - and appear too cakey.

Tip #6: Clean your brows properly

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No shade, but I've seen a lot of girls not blend in their concealer when they carve out their brows and it just leaves an awkward outline of concealer around their brows.

If you want to make your brows look sharp and clean once you draw them on, make sure that the top of your brow is carved with a foundation so that the outline is not so obvious. The bottom part of your brow, on the other hand, should be cleaned up with a concealer so that the brow at the bottom is emphasised , but take your time when blending it - don't rush the process.

Tip #7: Apply lip balm before you apply matte liquid lipsticks

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Your lips have to be nice and moisturised before you put on your liquid lisptick because matte lippies will dry out and crack your lips. Lip balm ensures that your lipstick applies smoothly.

You can even exfoliate your lips with a lipscrub to remove dead skin your lips so that your lips are nice and smooth when applying your liquid lipstick.

Tip #8: Line your lips before applying lipstick

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Lining your lips ensures that your lipstick is applied neatly by giving you a guideline to prevent your lipstick from going off line from your lip shape and looking messy (kinda like colouring within the lines in a colouring book).

If you want to trick people into thinking that you've lip fillers or you just want to make them look a bit fuller: just overline your lips. You can overline your lips by moving slightly away from the natural line of your lips to make them look bigger.

Tip #9: Don't use a black eyebrow pencil for your brows

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Black eyebrow pencils can make your eyebrows look like they are tattooed on and can make your makeup look like a complete disaster. Use a light brown pencil to draw on beautiful brows.

Tip #10: Prime your eyelids

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Priming your eyelids before you apply eyeshadow will help create a good base for your eyeshadow to stick on so that it lasts for a long time. It also helps the colour of the eyeshadow show up a bit more.

That's all for today, loves! I hope you found this article helpful! don't forget to follow me if you wanna see more articles from me! Have a lovely day!


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