Get Ready For Summer With @Probablyancientbeauty

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Summer for me is the time when I feel like I can conquer anything that comes my way: I’m cleaner, eat healthier and just enjoy life overall. Here’s what I do to feel glowing during summer!


Here are my favourite meals to have leading up to summer and to have during summer:
{Links for meals attached}

- Chicken strip salad

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- Tortilla soup

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- Chicken and green beans

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Vegetarian options :

- Avocado salad

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- Buddha bowl

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- Fried rice

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- Roast pumpkin pizza

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- Tanning
I prefer to use tanning moisturiser over actually tanning as it is more natural and glowy.
I use to use Bondi Sands everday tanning moisturiser but I never got any colour pay of and when I did it was patchy. I now use Dove tanning moisturiser light-medium. This has worked miracles!
I now apply this every Sunday to prepare myself for a week of a nice tan that slowly fades during the week unless reapplying.

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- Makeup routine
Now I only wear makeup when I go out (school or parties) and when I do I leave it looking natural and bronzy.
I like to bronze my nose and in the contour areas and highlight the end of my nose and nose bridge as well as inner corner of my eye, brow bone and a little along the upper cheek bone.

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This following workout is ideal for getting the “perfect” butt
’note: perfect is different for everyone’

- 20 second wall sit
- 2 pulsing leg lifts
- 15 side planks
- 15 v-ups

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- 15 burpees
- 20 scissor kicks
- 20 kick down crunch
- 30 bicycle crunch

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- relax

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- 25 wall sits
- 20 v-ups
- 20 side planks
- 25 pulsing leg lifts

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- 20 kick down crunch
- 25 scissor kicks
- 20 burpees
- 35 bicycle crunch

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- 25 sumo squats
- 30 punches
- 20 skater slides
- 15 tri-cep dips

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- rest

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As much as I ”love” to do homework when it’s summer I just love to head down to the beach or to the local lake and chill with friends and top up on instagram posts :)

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Since spring is before summer (who knew, wow so smart 👏🏻) snag those sales and top up on summer clothing!
When I attended the spring sales I managed to pick up a pair of high waisted beach shorts (got ‘em 30% off)
High waisted sport leggings ($10 off)
And a cropped jumper ($30 down to $5)
If I can get this lucky surely you guys can too!

Image by Emma

And that’s my get ready with me for summer!


I love you all dearly
- Probablyancientbeauty