♥hello children of the internet! in this article i'll be teaching you all how to take more visually appealing photos(for those of you having trouble with things like your insta feed.

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  • don't always take pictures of your face

you may not have heard/seen this but sometimes taking pictures from the back, side, or just not showing your face can provide an aesthetic vibe.

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  • be in motion

though it will be blurry, it gives a more "unplanned" picture
you might be thinking, but the quality of the photo won't look good, but actually, if you time it right, it can look fabulous.

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  • don't always look directly at the camera

at times, smiling or posing in a different direction of the camera can give the picture a wistful look. let your eyes travel away from the viewer, and instead to other things.

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  • just smile

this is a very cliche, old piece of advice, but it's true. in a pictures, every so often, just smiling can make a picture aesthetic, or just plain beautiful.
embrace your smile, whether you are comfortable showing your teeth, or just giving a sweet, embraced lipped smile.

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  • use a natural pose

you don't have to look like you were prepared for the pic. go for a more natural pose, look down maybe, in mid laugh, or doing something else in the image.

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