No, but seriously: Do. Your. Thing.

You like wearing oversized, comfy sweaters from the 80ies that you stole from your mom's closet even though everyone looks at you weird when you leave the house? Cool.
You started to record your own covers, singing or playing the piano or both and maybe one day you will find the courage to actually show them to someone? Fantastic.
You got really into astrology and now accumulated an enormous ammount of knowledge about reading birth charts and interpreting star signs of various friends and family? Nice.
You love listening to the Jonas Brothers and sometimes catch yourself humming Year 3000 on your way to uni? Sweet.
You spend your whole day curled up on the couch, watching YouTube and doodling in your journal as you go from one video to the next? Awesome.
You take hours in the gym, working on yourself, by yourself, for yourself, eating only plant based meals and you enjoy researching a lot about health and nutrition? Great.
You became an expert in planning and booking trips and can't wait to hit the road again, exploring new places and cities and collecting memories all over the world? Brilliant.
You own a second instagram account, solely for your art that none of your real-life friends know about, but you grow slowly but surely as you go along and you've started to improve your painting skills over the years, all by yourself? Amazing.

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Find what you love doing and just do it. Unapologetically. Whatever it is, whatever people might think about you, whatever you sometimes think about yourself - it doesn't matter. If you ask me, I much rather spend my life enjoying the things I love doing and surrounding myself with people that accept me for who I truly am and without the need to explain myself to anyone else, than thinking I have to live a life other people expect me to and having to keep my interests and passions all in my head.

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If you lay in bed at night and all you think about is the one thing that gets your heart pumping and your skin tingling - maybe you should do it more often. With all your heart. Because, most likely, we won't get another chance to do the things we truly want to do. And even though, on most days it feels like we solely exist to check things off of our never ending to-do-lists - there should always be at least a little time each day where you can be your most authentic self and just do your thing.

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Thank you for reading everyone! I hope this wasn't too preachy and "Shia LaBeouf screaming at me in a Nike advert"-like. Accepting yourself takes time, it's a process which most likely won't happen overnight. Anywayyyys, feel free to stay in touch with me by leaving a comment or writing me a postcard - I do my best to reply as soon as possible, I promise! Have a nice day and I'll see you soon!

Song recommendation of today: What She Wants - ARIZONA

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