Hello beautiful hearters, I'm back with article about fun fall activities to do, but part two. So let's begin.

- Go to a pumpkin patch
- Watch Hocus Pocus
- Jump in a pile of leaves
- Have a bonfire

pumpkin, autumn, and fall image oreo, fall, and Halloween image jump, fall bucket list, and pile of leaves image fire, night, and bonfire image

- Roast marshmallows
- Dress up for Halloween
- Go trough a corn maze
- Go star gazing

fire, marshmallow, and aesthetic image halloween idea, costume, and girl image cozy, autumn, and corn maze image black, star, and star gazing image

- Make a fall wreath
- Drive to see the fall foliage
- Make caramel apples
- Make s'mores

Temporarily removed autumn, road, and fall image food, apple, and sweet image chocolate chip, marshmallow, and aesthetic image

- Buy fall nail polish
- Make leaf prints
- Try a new soup recipe
- Bake pumpkin spice bread

nails image autumn, etsy, and fall image autumn, fall, and coffee image bread, heart, and sweet image

That would be it for this time, I hope you like it.

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