Your first year of college is the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You need to start all over again. New school, new campus, maybe a new city, meeting new people, making new friends, a different way of studying, for some of you living on your own, figuring out who you are and where you belong and so on. Everything is unknown and undiscovered. For some all those changes cause quite some of stress, like for me for example. A good way to control that stress and those nerves is by being prepared. And I'm here to help you do that with this 'first year of college survival kit'. In this article I'll sum up some things you'll find are quite helpful during your freshman year.

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Your water bottle

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This one's important, but at the same time also handy and so cute. You best have one for in class and one for at home/dorm during your study sessions or when you're just relaxing.

Personal planner

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A planner is essential to get through college. It helps you plan study sessions, due tasks and exams, but also fun activities such as parties and movie nights.


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These little and colorful tools aren't just cute and nice to cheer up your notes and planner. They are also very useful. You can highlight key words, make mind maps, mark important dates on your calendar and so on. And besides that, they are indeed so much fun to play with and so pretty to look at.

A clean desk

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If you want to work efficiently and organized, the first step is always to clean your desk (and your room). Although throughout the semester that's quite hard.


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Whether you're living on your own in a dorm or you're still living at home, your room should be your space. So decorate it the way you like and make sure you feel at home. This will make you more comfortable and more motivated.

If you want some more inspiration:

Coffee is a student's best friend

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Bad day? Coffee
Good day? Coffee
Stressed? Coffee
Happy? Coffee
Inspired? Coffee
Coffee? Coffee

Comfy clothes

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Wear whatever you want and feel like. The most important thing is to feel good. Look good, feel good.


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It doesn't matter what color, form or size your schoolbag has. As long as it's functional and you can put everything in it. But it's of course nice to have a pretty and trendy one.

Emergency bag

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Besides a schoolbag, you should definitely also have an emergency bag that you put in your bag always. This can contain, for example, medication you need to take regularly, band aids, medication against nausea or a headache and so on.


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This one's really handy for students who don't have a dorm and who still live at home, like me. Most likely you have to take public transport, like the bus or the train. Listening to music makes that journey a bit more enjoyable and it's a great way to relax after an entire day of paying attention in class.

Portable phone charger

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You can't risk your battery running low, so you always should have a backup with you. Preferably a cute one like a unicorn or a crying smiley.


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You just can't go to college without your laptop. Not only to make assignments and do research, but also to watch movies and series, check Facebook, ... during your free time.

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I hope this survival kit will help you through your freshman year. Thank you for reading!


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