All moved into your space, but still feel like there’s something missing? Well… it might be your lack of room decor! Don’t worry… we’ve got you covered. Our editors, @annadzheartsit and @landynsaputo, were freshman year roommates at their college in Los Angeles, and they’re telling you exactly how they’d decorate their room if they were back at school!

Add a pop of color!

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L: School got super stressful, so it was really nice to come home to bright and cheerful colors in our room. It instantly put me in a better mood.
A: Make sure you don’t have too many colors going at once -- it can get overwhelming! I’d choose pops of color here or there with flowers, plants or pillows.

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Urban Outfitters Yucca 6’ Potted Faux Tree -- Faux plants are easy because you don’t have to worry about watering them, but they’re still beautiful!

Urban Outfitters Round Pintuck Pillow


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L: Was there ever a time when we didn’t have a candle burning when we were at home?
A: Nope -- people used to come by our room every day just to ask how we made our space smell so delicious!! Candles, to me, are the most important thing you can have in any room. I’m loving the candles from Bijou right now -- and their aesthetic would have fit PERFECTLY with our dorm room, Landyn!
L: Totally.

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Put up photos from home

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A: I was homesick ALL the time. So it was really helpful to have pictures of my friends and family hanging on my wall to remind me that home wasn’t so far away.
L: Do you remember my quotes wall? I used to incorporate every quote that inspired me into my photo collages.
A: That was my favorite part of our dorm!

Our favorites are in the pic above! Urban Outfitters Photo Clip Firefly String Lights

Invest in a cozy blanket and a mini fan

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L: We didn’t have air conditioning OR heat -- so we had to make do with other sources. I don’t know where I’d be without my fuzzy blanket in the winter.
A: And I literally think I would have melted if it wasn’t for my 50 fans when the weather started heating up (which in Los Angeles, could be any day).

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Insignia™ - 10" Personal Fan - Mint

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Don’t forget a desk light

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A: I always felt bad when I had to stay up later than you to study, so thank god for my desk light. We could turn off all the lights in our room, but still have a little one that allowed me to read.
L: Same!!

Faves below!

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Anthropologie Fumi Table Lamp Ensemble
Penn Task Lamp, Rose Gold

A mirror is super important

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L: There were like ZERO mirrors in our hall -- so the one we put on the back of our door was super nice. If I could re-do our dorm, I’d probably choose a more styled one in like gold or something.
A: Yes!! Like one of the ones that you actually have on the ground. I wonder if we would have had room for that LOL.

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Wayfair Merritt Leaning Mirror
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Now get to decorating!