full name
— miyoko ishiawa

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quirk ability
— manipulation over water in all it's forms, cannot create water but can control what already exists, can turn her body into ice, water or vapor. A strong preference for ice.

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— keeps to herself, doesn't talk to many of her peers and is often seen as mean. she is numb to most emotions and speaks in a tone of coldness to everyone, except on occasion when she shows warmth to her boyfriend, katsuki bakugo.

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— her hair is a very dark blue color and is often wore in a high ponytail that looks like a waterfall that stops at her knees (yes, it is very long) and she has flint toned eyes (darker grey) that convey an icy look to them. she is only an inch or two shorter than katsuki, falling at around 5'8.

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— miyoko comes from a very wealthy superhero family, both her parents successful heroes and one of the wealthiest hero families to date. they pushed miyoko hard during her childhood in training in hopes she'll become the best, resulting in her distain to become a hero and heroes in general. she was once regarded as a lively baby, but in her toddler years became cold. her body is made of mainly of water, around 95% and can freeze her body from the inside or outside, and can turn her body into vapor to move through solid objects. her power leaves her very thirsty and she can't stand heat, which is ironic since her boyfriend is a literal firecracker. her relationship with katsuki is monotonous and its often like they're not dating, until she starts to fall for him and the pair become closer.

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— katsuki bakugo, boyfriend
their relationship started in junior high and was very cold. for the first year of their coupling, she hardly spoke to him until she warmed up to him slightly and he became the only person she spoke to. she is very distant and cold to people, even those she views as being close friends and is only shown to be warm and caring to katsuki, something the hot headed boy enjoys.

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"why are you with you, you two seem to be opposites. do you even love him?"
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"I don't know what love is, but I think whatever I feel for katsu is the closes thing im ever going to get. I've had people leave me all my life, yet, he stays and it makes my heart feel something."

hello its yuki and I love katsuki to flipping death his arms will be the death of me~

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