what is it, to be a hero?

we call a hero someone who saves a victim's life or someone who is brave to do something that not everyone can do it.
we call a superhero someone who has powers, who is stronger that most humans but that's not the truth...

hero or superhero that's the same thing, you just have to go deep with it to understand it.

we see kids having toys with our favorite superheroes, of course they like them but do they know the real meaning of the word: "superhero"?
they just know them as people with superpowers who save the day from a bad guy but of course that's not it.

they're not called "super" just because some of them have extraordinary powers or cool suits.
think about it, they could have the power but be the bad guy or do nothing but instead they choose to be the hero of the day and save not only the world but the universe.

they know the real pain, they know what's it's like to lose, to feel betrayed, broken, worthless, powerless.

even when they feel like dying they still keep fighting, pain makes them stronger, pain makes them what they are, pain makes you a believer, a warrior, a goddess.

their story is such a tragedy, no happy beginning, middle or end...

they're such an inspiration and they make you feel strong and go forward.
they may not be real, but in my heart they are.

in this world whoever chooses themselves first, them, they're the real heroes, the people who are surviving not living, who have problems but they choose to live, salute to them.

you may have already a hero, or maybe you are one already, if not, you will be, to yourself or to someone else.

just remember:
"They're not heroes because of what they have that we don't, it's what they do with it."

hello, hope you liked my article, I was inspired mostly by marvel and the last edit I made also with one video edit on youtube. also the last quote it's from mcu. thanks for reading, stay beautiful. xx