1. A pencil case.

pencil case, retro, and stationary image pen, pencil case, and school image
In my pencil case I put four pens (1 red; 1 blue, 1 black and 1 green), a highlighter, a rule, an eraser and an eraser. In a second pencil case I put my colored pencil and some highlighters.

2. Notepad.

creative, notes, and pig image diary and notepad image

3. Books for the day.

art, black, and book image amsterdam, book, and books image
In France, In high school we don’t have locker, so we have to take books for all the day.

4. My “emergency kit”.

emergency, girls, and kit image happy, candy, and pills image
With doliprane, pads, lipsticks/lip balm, hair brush,deodorant...

5. My glasses.

fashion, jeans, and denim image fashion, bag, and Balenciaga image
I’ve always my sunglasses and my glasses.

6.A snack plus tea.

food, fruit, and healthy image book, coffee, and girl image
I take some fruits with a thermos of tea for the day