What I got for school and what you REALLY need

Since I am going to be an incoming junior in high school, I have a general idea of what I need for school. Most high schools don't give out lists that tell students what they need for the upcoming school year. So, I buy what I think I will need for the school year and get things teachers ask for later on. I always buy the bare minimum before school starts so I don't spend extra money on things I don't need. But, I always buy things that I know work for me and help me stay organized best.

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Many people go overboard and buy way too much stuff for the school year. I can tell you now that you will not need a binder or notebook for each subject. And you will definitely not need a hundred different pens and pencils. Especially in high school, you want to have the least amount of stuff in your backpack, since you will be carrying it around all day. Also, it is not necessary to get a new backpack every year. Stick with the one you have until it breaks or isn't usable. Like seriously.

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I usually shop at Staples, Target, Walmart, and occasionally Office Depot to get my school supplies. Always check for coupons! I always go to Walmart for notebooks because they're cheaper than Staples or Target, and they sell name brands like Five Star or Mead. For binders, I go to Staples because they have high-quality plastic binders that will hold up all year and more. Even though the binders are more on the expensive side, I always get them because I know I can use them for more than one year rather than the cardboard binders. For folders, I go to Staples or Target because the prices don't differ too much and they always have my favorite brand, Five Star. Always go early or during a sale to get cheap filler paper! I normally don't buy planners because my school provides one for me, but definitely get a planner to stay on task and to not procrastinate!

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You'll notice I only get solid colored supplies. It's because patterned notebooks and such are distracting to me and not something I would carry around in high school.

- two three-subject notebooks from Five Star (black and white)
- two one-subject notebooks from Five Star (red and blue)
- five-pronged plastic folders from Five Star (white, gray, green, turquoise, purple)
- four packs of college ruled filler paper
-one pack of quad-ruled filler paper
-one composition notebook (black)
-school provided planner
-TI-84 Plus CE (black)
-Papermate Inkjoy pens (black)
-BIC multicolor pen
-scissors (blue)
-hi-polymer erasers from Pentel
-Papermate Clearpoint pencils
-ruler (blue)
-Sharpie Clearview highlighters

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I also still had some things from last year which I will be using this year as well!
- binder
-pencil case

Also, I recently got a laptop because I knew I would need it for school. I would be bringing it to and from school every day and would be bringing it to Starbucks to work.

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