Throughout the history, we've seen many fashion pieces that either made us want to adore it or hate it. Some of them, we thankfully left in the past ( khm sholder pads ) and they are fully gone, unless, of course, one of the influencers nowdays doesn't decide to bring them back and shake the whole industry. On the other hand, only iconic ones stayed. Ones that were too magical, bold, show-stopping to even think about leaving it in the past. And no, this time we aren't talking about famous things, too pricey.

Little Black Dress

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In the past, little black dress was meant only for the mourning females but we all know Coco Chanel changed that with her iconic little black dress worn in any occassion.

Over-sized Glasses

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Let's hide all of tiredness behind them, and pretend we do not have dropping eyebags.

The white shirt

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Whether paired with jeans or sleek tailored trousers, a crisp white shirt is the ultimate in multi-functional dressing.

Gucci belts

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We've seen it everywhere, we've loved it since forever.

Black Heels

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Only description; confident woman ready to conquer the world.

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