Hello lovely people, it's that time of the year. Back to school, yay... (sigh) I already started school last week, and I wanted to make this new series (which I obviously did).

This is the first part, hope you enjoy!

Nice Notebooks

I love good looking notebooks, and it can even make school a little fun, so make sure to get yourself some notebooks that you really like. You can also decorate them yourself if you're a creative person.

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Pretty much the same as notebooks, get yourself the pretty ones!

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Pencil Case

You can get a lot of cute pencils and markers these days, and just like the notebooks, it can make school just a little more fun. Make sure to have all the things you need in your pencil case.

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I keep a little purse in my backpack, which I use for important things that don't exactly have anything to do with the actual school work, but which I still need.
It includes:
-Lip Balm

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That was everything for this article, part two will come soon, and I will give you guys some outfit ideas for school. Hope you enjoyed!

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