I have never been in a serious relationship which means that none of my relationships have exceeded the length of three months, I have never said a sincere "I love you" to a guy and I certainly cannot talk about going on a holiday or trips together. Meanwhile my friends had it all.

I would most likely be bad at giving relationship advice but over these past few years I have learnt the advantages of not being in a relationship. I have learnt a lot about myself but first of all I noticed something what blows my mind.

I have lots of people asking me this one annoying question that many single girls are afraid of "Do you have a boyfriend?" My answer, of course, is always "no" and I´m still surprised that some people ask me again and again. Usually when I answer, I could divide people into two categories based on their reaction.

The first opiton is that they don´t say anything and just smile. Probably they feel sad or sorry for me. As if not having a boyfriend was something terrible.

The second option is that their question is followed by another one (and it´s also worse) "Why?" As if being in a relationship was superior to being alone. And I don´t think I need an explanation for why I am not dating anyone. Maybe it´s just because I don´t want to. Maybe it´s because I haven´t found anyone I´d want to be with (this is usually when people say that I am picky). Some people don´t know the difference between being picky and just not settling for less than you deserve.

I know that being in a relationship is fun but being alone is great as well because you can make fun of it. And when you can make fun of something, you win.

If you are in a similar situation, you can send me a message saying what is your answer like when you get such questions.

To all the single girls out there,
you are beautiful ❤️

K ❤️