No matter your age, you probably have something you want to accomplish, and it could range from losing a bit of weight, gaining some weight, or keeping your grades high. We are told, for the most part, that the first step to accomplishing these goals is to always make a plan and then follow through with it. But the follow-through is always the hardest part of any journey, so here a helpful few tips!

1. Keep The Goal To Yourself.

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You may have a burning desire to tell your family about your goal, especially if you are seeing some progress within the first couple of days or weeks or months of your journey, and that is a big no. Family and friends are encouraging, but they are also very blunt about their feelings towards certain things- which is not always a bad thing. But, with that being said, if they are unhappy with what your goal is and how you are planning to reach it, there can be a bit of a clash. That clash may be minor, but it may also be very detrimental to your mindset, which is why keeping your plan to yourself will help you avoid unnecessary critism.

2. Be Realistic About Your Planning.

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If following through with a plan to reach your goal is proving to be quite hard (more than it should be), it may be because the plan is unrealistic. I'll use myself as an example- I told myself I would study for at least three to four hours each school night during my junior year of high school so I didn't have much to do over the weekend, and I found that it was impossible- literally. I realized that I couldn't study that many hours during the school week because I didn't have that much time when I came home from school since I was juggling babysitting and other tasks that I had to get done. I had to adjust my plan and changed it, so instead of studying three to four hours each night, I studied for two hours and spent some time over the weekend to study as well. Having a realistic plan will relieve you of stress and it will be easier to follow through with the plan when it feels achievable.

3. Good Mindset = Good Outcome

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Your mindset is everything when you are trying to achieve anything in life, from getting your first job, to loving how you look and becoming confident. If you have a negative mindset, minor setbacks in your plan may seem like a major devastation and will more than likely be enough to make you quit altogether. By having a positive and optimistic mindset, minor setbacks are nothing more than a little hitch in the road, and you are likely to either find a way around that hitch or scrap your old plan and come up with a new and better one. Optimism is a good way to keep your head high and it comes with the understanding that no matter what your plan is, there will always be something that will hold you back, but having hope that you will persevere will get you a long way to your goal.

I hope these tips were helpful! This is my very first article and I am just getting used to the format and ideas, but I will be making How-To's and articles about a wide variety of things, so stay tuned for the next How-To! Please message me and let me know if these have actually helped. Until next time,