• Heyaaa hearts! Today, I have read many articles about routines, to inspire me. And it worked because it make me feel like I want of wanting to write my own routine too :) !

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I was in first year of highschool last year, so I was been in vacation on june 13, since this time, I try to apply this routine every morning for keep good habits.
I admit, I don't do that exactly every morning, you can imagine! Sometimes, I get up later and I don't have time to do all that, but we do not care! ;)
I hope that will inspire you, good reading!


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I'm a little insomniac, it depends on the day I spent and also because of my anxiety, no doubt. So often, I'm in a bad mood when I wake up.


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I never use my phone right after waking up. I get up and after having quickly stretched out, I open my windows.


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I used to rinse my face with cold water in the morning, it helps me out of sleep.


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I take a few moments to massage my eyes, I always feel pain when I wake up.


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I take a moment for take a breakfast. I eat something fast.


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Brushing teeeeeth! It's important guys ;)


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Usually I watch TV or read book that I am currently reading. But if i have meeting or something like that, I do my skincare routine and go.


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Oh it's time to moove my ass and do my skincare routine ;) There is not products that I am using, maybe one day I'll post an article for show them ;)


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I go on my computer to check my mails, social media and for practice my highway code.


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as it is hot, I took the (bad) habit of eating a sandwich at noon.

•This is the end of my morning routine in summer holidays, thank you for reading me :)
See you soon for a new article! maybe the night routine?

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