I hate summer
I hate it
I hate it


Hello everyone and welcome to my article.
This article is different then the once I did before.
I wanted to talk about summer..
I think you can already tell, that I hate the summer.

Why is that?
Here are my reasons:

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So I have a job. I work in a supermarket. It's a really stupid job but it pays well. To be honest, I don't really hate my job. It's because of the people I work with! They are so nice and funny. But when summer comes they leave for vacaction... So you can guess work is really boring without them. And the fact that I have to work almost everyday..... It's terrible. I just want a day off.

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My friends are having the time of there lives right know. They are at a cool place with nice weather and pretty boys. And I'm still in my home town working my ass off. They are making memories and having fun and enjoying there lives. I'm really happy for them. I wish I got that to, I also want to make memories and enjoy my free life. And now that my friends are gone... What sould I do with my life?

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Social media.

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The Instagram and Snapchat pictures are making me crazy! Okey Becky I get It you are having fun, good for you. I'm already depressed and the pictures are making it worst.

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I have never been to a vacation with my parents before. My parents are going to vacations when I'm in school. And my brother and sister are going with there friends. So you can guess. I'm all alone. I mean that's what I'm feeling. When I'm lucky and my beloved sister is home (if she has time for me) we most likey would watch a movie or something. But I'm sick of that lately. So we don't really do stuff together anymore. They also don't really care about me. I know they love me and all but they don't care about my feelings. They know about my feelings.. They know I'm hurt. But they are doing nothing. It is just me, myself and I.

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Explore new places.

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I love making pictures and I would love to travel! Like I said, I want to make memories. But It wont happen if I stay home every summer. It makes me so mad.

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The weather.

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I can't explain about the weather. It's super hot and sunny! But because of that the only thing you can do is swimming. But if you are onlucky like me, you have to work in this hot weather. And swimming everyday? Doesn't really sound nice if you ask me.

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Back to school.

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After summer you have to worry about school again. My classmates are telling me stories about there summer and asking me about my summer. They are looking nice and ready for the school year after a perfect summer. And then you have me. I need a break after my summer break.

So I think you guys know now why I hate the summer break so much.
A friend of mine went to New York for 2 weeks and is now in Ierland.
I don't hate my friends because they are happy and I'm not.
I'm just really jalous at the moment. And I feel like crying.
I gotta go.

Thanks for the people who are really gone read this.

I think I'm just gonna sleep and cry, living in self pitty.

bye you all!

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