"in the town full of fancy cars and crowded bars and supermodels, looks exactly the way it did inside my head when i dreamed about it, all the things i could live without, i need it now, cause they're all around me, only thing that i can't afford is to lose myself tryna be somebody" ~ somebody by the chainsmokers

It's so easy to want to compare yourself to other people, whether it's with classmates, friends, strangers, or celebrities. Comparisons like, "Man, I wish I were that pretty", or "Why can't I be outgoing like them?" are just a few of the many thoughts that have crossed my mind, and the minds of others as well I'm sure.

For the longest time, I was focusing on how to be like other people rather than loving me for myself. And then this summer came around and the question hit me: Why don't you just throw your hands in the air, say "f*ck it", and just EMBRACE yourself?

So guess what? I just did. And I've never felt better.

My social anxiety has always been the reason for my awkwardness when faced with everyday social situations. Foundation never looks good on my skin. I'm like 5 feet tall. I have acne prone skin. One of my eyes are slightly smaller than the other. I'm that one kid that laughs in class at things no one else laughs at.

Those were just some of my biggest insecurities and things I wanted to change about myself so I could be "normal" and "fit in".

Then I realized that I didn't want to. Hell, I love that I'm different. It's okay with me that I'm a short, awkward bean who can't wear face makeup cause it looks too cakey on me. I only wear eye makeup anyways. Acne is natural and my scars don't define my beauty. I love that I'm easily entertained and giggle at stupid little things. Why did I EVER wanna change these things about myself?

I know how easy it is to want to be something that you're not, just because everyone else is that way. But if everyone were the same, how boring would this world be? Imagine a world where everyone dressed the same, looked the same, acted the same. Doesn't that just sound strange?

It's okay to be you. It's okay to be different. Embrace your differences and all of the things that make you you. You're wonderful and lovely just the way you are. Don't feel pressured to change yourself because of society.

I'll be here rooting for you,
julia isabelle