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🐠 What do you love about summer?

What I love most about summer is camping along the beach and going to the beach with my friends. #beachbaby

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🌴 Describe summer in 4 images

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🥥 What’s your favourite summer outfit?

I like wearing crop tops, shorts, denim skirts, tank tops, jumpsuits and skater dresses.
Does that count?

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🐳 What’s your favourite summer drink?

Iced tea (peach or mango) or even Maccas/Hungry jacks $1 frozen drinks.

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☀️ What’s your favourite vacation place?

Anywhere in the Tropic of Capricorn.

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🐚 What’s your favourite summer quote/s?

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🍒 What’s your favourite ice cream flavour

Mint or homemade ice cream

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🌊 Swimsuit or bikini?

I prefer swimsuits but I can’t fit into them so bikinis.

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🌺 What do you dislike about summer

When it gets above 50°s

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🐬 What’s your favourite movie to watch in the summer?

Harry Potter, hunger games, maze runner because they usually play on tv during the season.

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🐙 What’s your favourite food to eat during the summer?

Mangos, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries, bananas, museli and yogurt.

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🐢 What do you want to do with your friends/family this summer?

Go to the beach and jump of piers.

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🐠 Are you going to travel this year? And if you are where?

I’ve already travelled this year in the Tropic of Capricorn in Au.

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🌴 Favourite things to do in the summer

Go to the beach and eat ice cream.

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☀️ What’s your favourite book to read in the summer?

What ever book I find lying around the house.

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