basic knowledge

Gülsah is my real name, I've turkish roots and live in Germany. 20 y/o, born as an Aries. (love my sign af)

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Fav food?

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Everything but food include meal. :s

Fav drink?

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mostly every tea variety, love water (who dont?), coke vanilla, frappucino java chip <3

Hobbies ?

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actually i love and feel joy in everything I do. Mostly I like to draw or do some sketches / Learn new things (I think people learn everytime and endlessly in their life, even the wisest person learn new things by time) / listening music, music is like therapy / I love to read (no specific genre) / keep myself busy with make-up issues / watching movies & series (supernatural <3)

Fav music genre?

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depends on my mood
I love rock , pop , rap , classic , indie , alternative , deep songs , party songs , songs in diff. languages & more.
techno&country probably only genre's I dont really like.

Fav Quote ?

not in my mind, I have many things I like, but an inspirational and motivational quote for you:

nothing can hold you back. do what you wanna do. If it's a failure, you can learn from that. If you win, you will appreciate and love yourself more than you actually do. In both ways you cant lose.

Fav tv show?

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my first love, my baby, my love of life is suparnatural. Watched first six season almost 10 times haha. Second love is ahs and I just love it!


I speak fluently german , turkish , english / barely spanish & french.

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Introvert or Extrovert?

I am actually an outgoing type of person, but I love spending time alone. I've saw a post in pinterest that says about Aries and I can absolutely confirm it:

ARIES seems to have two personalities. One is very outgoing, funny and quirky. The other is shy, moody and antisocial.