Hello Music Lovers!
You can call me Majo and I'm writing some articles about this because I'm way too shy to make a video and post it on youtube... lmao. Well, well, to the point. Here it is...


First Emotion: Fear
First Song: Something's gotta give by All Time Low

all time low and something's gotta give image

This song for me is the definition of fear, like you're juggling all this emotions and you think that something is definitely gonna go wrong, but you still wanna give it a try. You're dying to live. What do you do? My advice? There's this saying in Argentina (I think) that says "Tirate a la pileta" that translates to "Jump into the pool" and it means something like just do it. Just try it. Fear and all. Jump into the pool.

Second Emotion: Anger
Second Song: I Don't Care by Fall Out Boy

aesthetic, fall out boy, and Lyrics image

I don't know why but this song, all of it, the lyrics, the the band's sound, Patrick's voice, EVERYTHING, just screams "FUCK YOU"(in capital letters because I'm screaming it in my mind) to me. It's the perfect rhythm.

And that's all for today, I will be posting the other songs and emotions in the next few days... Thank you for reading!

Majo xx