1. Louis Vuitton Bag

handbag, like, and purse image
I don't like those kind of bag because of the colour and the pattern

2. The "Sumo" Bikini

Okay, okay, I REALLY don't like the tanga bikini because it reminds me of sumo players

beach, bikini, and string image pretty and girl image bikini image art, beauty, and bikini image

3. Make Up on eyebrows

makeup, beauty, and eyes image Image by Mai Yusuf beauty, glam, and highlight image Image by Jumana
I really prefer natural eyebrows like these:
Image by Jumana make up image makeup, beauty, and eyes image Image removed

4. Too much make up

makeup, black, and beauty image make up and pink shadow image make up and purple lips image black lipstick, make up, and black style image

5. Big lips

big lips, hair, and makeup image makeup, nails, and tattoo image girl, hair, and makeup image Angelina Jolie, beautiful girl, and big lips image
They reminds me of dinghy ahahah I prefer those lips:
lily, rose, and depp image 80s and Heathers image

6. Skinny Body

beautiful, model, and beauty image beautiful, model, and beauty image beautiful, model, and beauty image beach, belly, and bikini image
I prefer these bodies:
belly dance, feminine, and fitness image belly dance, quote, and dance image

7. Long nails
I have nothing against curing the nails, but I can't like too long nails like these:

almond, sparkle, and white image nails and jewelry image nails image nails, red, and acrylic image

8. Nike Air Max

nike, shoes, and sneakers image Image by Thiana yellow, shoes, and nike image adidas, chaussure, and femme image
They reminds me of those old people's shoes