your name
has been the only goddamn thing that's been screaming through my head for the past two years
our memories
flash through my head so i can only catch the tiniest glimpse of what we were oh so long ago
those feelings
that you introduced to me stay buried underneath all the depression, anxiety and heartache at the bottom of my bruised soul

you broke me.

your name,
so soft, yet so violent
like the winds that lead up to a hurricane

your smile,
yeah, the one that shined so bright it lit a fire in my heart,

that fire,
burned all my emotions to a crisp and the ashes stay within me, haunting me

your name,
that brought me hope
now brings me nothing but another reason to hate myself

your name,
is so goddamn ordinary its mentioned everywhere i go

you hear that?
you're everywhere i go.

you're always there.
always there.
always. there.

all i can do is hope
that when you hear my name

my name,
which is so much more intricate than yours
in such a way that you'll know it's me.

your heart will shatter.
and you'll feel the pain that i feel every time i hear your name

except you'll feel feel it ten times worse than i ever have.

- you broke me without knowing, so now, i'll do the same

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