Hello everyone! :)

I hope your summer holidays are as fun as you wanted it to be. Mine is kind of boring at the moment, but I'll be in turkey in one week.
In this article I want to share my tips with you to look good after holidays. Enjoy! ♥


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they are cute, aren't they?

You can do your nails however you want them to be. Just make sure they look good. ;)

Eat healthy

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so yummy!

A healthy breakfast is really important! Healthy meals are made for good skin and energy.


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make it to a habit.

You don't have to work out everyday. 3 times a week is enough. Should I write an article with my workouts? Let me know!

Get enough sleep

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Don't stay up too late, because you want to watch the 55 Episode of Gossip Girl. ;) But also you shouldn't sleep 13 hours 😂

Wash your face mornings and in the evening

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bonus tip: wash your face with cold water. It closes your pores.


That was my first article ❤ May you noticed that my English is not the best. I'm from Germany and I give my best to write everything correctly. :)