When I am doing homework or am overstressed I turn to my calm playlist on Spotify. These are some of the songs that I go straight to or listen to on repeat.

Beautiful Girl by William Fitzsimmons

beautiful, happy, and music image
I just find his voice incredibly soothing.

Shiver by Lucy Rose

beautifull, field, and love image
I first heard this song as the opener of an anime that I watched and I was hooked. Her voice is just so beautiful.

Bloodstream by Stateless

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This song does calm me, but it makes me feel something else that I just can't pinpoint.

Everything Has Grown by Colouring

colouring, everything, and grown image
I first heard this song in one of my favorite scenes of a tv show. I just love how simple it is yet every time I listen to it I get lost in the song.

You Were Never Gone by Hannah Ellis

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This is another song that just takes me away. Clearly, it is from Teen Wolf (one of my favorite tv shows). When I watch this scene and heard this song I knew I had to listen to it again.

Wonderwall by Ryan Adams

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Now I love the original version of Wonderwall just as much as the next person. There is just something about this cover that just stuck with me. I just find it so relaxing.

You by Keaton Henson

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This has surely got to be one of my favorite songs. Just listen to the lyrics and let the music breathe with you.

I Don't Feel It Anymore - Live in Chicago by Willam Fitzsimmons

william fitzsimmons image
Once again I just find his voice soothing. Basically, all the songs I've heard from him have been pretty calming.

Into the Sea by Adian Hawken

ocean, sea, and sunset image
Every time this song start I instantly calm a tiny bit. Usually, by the end, I am significantly calmer.

I know that these songs may not have the same effect on you as they have on me, but I hope you listen to them and give it a chance.