Hello beautiful peope!

I decided that we're going to do this quite different. I don't have the inspiration to write about some of the topics on the list right now, so I won't write articles in the order the list has it.
For today, we have..

My Last Kiss

Image by BrisaPijuan

So the things is that..

The boy I will write about is a tottal idiot. And he hurt me a lot. But we will talk about that in an article coming really soon!

Outside my house. At eleven o' clock.
And after that you left.
And I standed there. Wanting more.
And I was happy.
I was, finally happy.

Outside my house.
After our first date.
After the first time I felt so comfortable while kissing someone.
The first time I was sure that I loved kissing you.
And that I was in love with you.
I was in love. For the very first time.

Outside my house.
After you promised me you'd stay,
and that it's been the first time in forever you feel like that.
After promising we will go out, again.
Next week.
Same day, same hour.
In my favourite place.

Outside my house.
Before leaving me forever.

That's it for today loves! A little.. poem? I guess?? About my last kiss.
I was in love with him but he didn't really appreciate it.. oops!
I will talk about him in a future article, hope you'll like it!

See you soon, take care <3