I looooove the "if I were..." tags, so here is a new one, it's been weeks I'm supposed to do it, now it's done! Hope you'll like it.


Name : Like in real life, Claire
Age : 20 yo
Nationality : Same, like in real life, French


Image removed tattoo, harry potter, and hp image
Small, mid-brown hair, brown eyes, some tatoos

Famous for

cinderella, disney, and gif image
Being an actress, first only on tvshows and now on movies, mostly on comedies and fantasy movies/tv shows



fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, attractive, and bag image

Premieres, awards

dress, blue, and style image dress, fashion, and gold image dress and fashion image dark, feed, and green image


fans, martina stoessel, and tini stoessel image grunge, young, and friends image
Always smiling, love spending time with her fans, love chilling with her friends, very shy (interviews are super hard for her), kind and caring.


photography, travel, and adventure image cat, dog, and animal image
Travel, reading, watching movies and tvshows, sport, her dog and her cat.

Lives in

bedroom, room, and city image home, interior, and indie image
She was born in France, but she moved in an appartment in LA for her work.



tom holland and gif image
Tom Holland


Harry Styles image taissa farmiga, american horror story, and ahs image arya stark, game of thrones, and maisie williams image brandon flynn, smile, and boy image
Harry Styles, Taissa Farmiga, Maisie Williams, Brandon Flynn