I'm making a playlist wow how exciting lol
Well here are some of my favorite songs at the moment...

Gengre: Kpop


dream in a dream
by nct u

beige, coffee, and aesthetic image aesthetic, food, and peach image

by shinee

SHINee, Jonghyun, and key image girl, aesthetic, and ulzzang image

my heroes
by ten

food, aesthetic, and breakfast image aesthetic, book, and beige image

by hyolyn

flowers, aesthetic, and shadow image sky, clouds, and travel image

by eric nam

aesthetic, heart, and eye image clouds, aesthetic, and sky image

magic shop
by bts

bts, jimin, and jungkook image shadow, tumblr, and photography image

by bts

girl, beach, and fashion image asian, boy, and fashion image

shall we dance
by block b

fashion, korean, and ulzzang image art, white, and black image

monster - chinese ver. (ik that's not korean but this song is so beautiful lol)
by henry

spirited away image anime, studio ghibli, and ghibli image