So many people thinking Angela aka Blac Chyna as a 'gold digger' or 'just a stripper'... But actually she worked her ass off.

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I want to start with her 18 year-old self. The times when she started stripping... As people know she started stripping in order to pay for college..

After spending several years stripping in order to pay for college, Chyna had a hard time leaving the strip club scene once she was finally in Miami at age 20. She said she dropped out because she couldn’t keep up with both her school and stripping schedules.

She moved to Miami where she studied Business Management at Johnson and Wales. However she didnt recieve a degree.. Few years later she went to JLS Professional Makeup Artist School, graduating in 2013.

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Lets go on with her public image... Many says she's rude or not helpful but....When she's with Rob she tried to help him in every situation.. (You can see her worries when Rob dissappeared for days if you watch ' Rob & Chyna')

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Yes she's hype.Thats her personality. Thats why so many people say she's 'just a stipper with behaviour'.. For me she's real and she don't scared to be real as hell. She's relax around everybody because I THINK her self-war is all done. She accepts herself as who she is.

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If we go back on the show... Before i watched Rob & Chyna i thought 'why they were together?' or 'why happened to them?'... Then i realize Chyna really tried her best to help her boyfiend Rob. ( What Rob did after he broke up with her, showed his self-value. For me leaking nudes and exposing conversations not a nice thing to do AS AN ADULT(!). Even he done so many good things like show the world that Chyna is not a gold gigger. ''According to BuzzFeed, Chyna said their reality show was all Rob’s idea''... Of course, many believe Chyna was only in it for money and fame, but it seems that may not have been the case after all.)

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Afterall she got her own make-up brand, she's a protective mother for her kids...

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For me she is powerful and lovely.My respect and love for her doubled after i watched Rob & Chyna.

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I dont see any reason to be so hateful to her... I just love her passion for fashion/beauty/make-up...Also she can overcome bad comments and all the hate.

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