WARNING: sad ending in relationship

n a m e

aesthetic, brown, and silk image eye, eyes, and brown image
Bonnie Campbell

b i r t h d a y

aesthetic, alternative, and found image theme, blue, and desert image
unknown - aged 16/17

p h y s i q u e

beautiful, body, and brown image bathers, boat, and sneakers image bikini, body, and brown image ass, brunette, and body image
strong, healthy

a p p e a r a n c e

eyes, boy, and eye image makeup, girl, and beauty image fashion, girl, and pale image girls, hair, and summer image
brown eyes. thick dark brows. pale skin. messy, long blonde hair with a fringe

g r o u p

newt, maze runner, and scorch trials image maze runner, sonya, and harriet image
Group B

p r o f e s s i o n

hands, aesthetic, and boy image aesthetic, Devil, and the walking dead image

s t y l e

beige, skin, and body image beige, clothes, and light brown image beige, brown, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and style image
tank tops, baggy shirts, jeans, joggers, shorts, trainers

f r i e n d s

icon, layout, and dylan obrien image katherine mcnamara, sonya, and harriet image Image by zahra KAYA SCODELARIO, Minho, and the maze runner image

r e l a t i o n s h i p

newt, thomas sangster, and the maze runner image newt, thomas brodie sangster, and thomas sangster image
Newt. We met at the WICKED canteen. Jason began reading out the name of those who would be "free" when I noticed the blonde boy staring in confusion at the grey haired man. Once Jason had left, I decided to go sit with him and his friends and introduce myslef. After that, we became friends and we escaped WICKED as a group. However, when Newt got bitten by a crank, I spent as much time as possible with him. When the injection became overpowering and he began fighting with Thomas, I immediately pinned him to the ground with tears in my eyes, so he wouldn't hurt Thomas badly. Newt's gaze softened and began sobbing as he looked up at me. "I love you, Bonnie, but I want Thomas to shoot me, for your safety, please!"