☾ My species

magic, witch, and fantasy image magic, witch, and crystal image witch, magic, and potion image witch, herbs, and candle image
I'd be a witch

☾ The era I live in

dress and medieval image Mature image horse image armour, celtic, and fantasy image
Medieval times

☾ Appearance

Image by RERE || ريري 🖤' tattoo, black, and grunge image art, body, and tattoo image rainbow image
Black hair and light grey eyes. I'd have different symbols tattooed all over my body for protection and to enhance my powers

☾ Weapon of choice

knife, aesthetic, and gold image dagger image Mature image dagger, fantasy, and gem image
A finely crafted dagger

☾ Magical abilities

dark, witchcraft, and witchy image tumblr, witch, and wicca image gothic, tumblr, and witch image witch, magic, and dark image
Staying young and beautiful forever

☾ Where I'd live

aesthetic, cottage, and window image castle and tower image lake, water, and autumn image door and tree image
In an abandoned tower in the middle of the woods

☾ Would I be on the "good" side or "evil" side

witch, magic, and black image witch, magic, and witchcraft image witch, witchcraft, and candle image tumblr, esoteric, and witch image
I would take matters into my own hands, trying to solve the problems without siding with anyone

☾ Transportation of choice

fantasy, forest, and horse image horse image horse, black, and fantasy image fashion photography, film, and kodak image
A horse

☾ Magical artifact I own

crystal, diamond, and light image nails, witch, and black image book, magic, and witch image rings, black, and grunge image
A ring that makes my spells more powerful

☾ My fate at the end of the book

dark, black, and fantasy image forest, nature, and photography image Mature image girl, grunge, and nature image
I would return to the woods where I continue my own story

Thank you for reading