I love my wall painting so much! it's there for over a year now and it's still so pretty. I made it myself and I'm so proud of it. It's not hard to make your own wall painting.

This is how I did it:


If you aren't good in painting, it's important that you choose an image without shadow. Also, I wanted the picture to be black and white and it needed to be a high quality image.

  • Life hack: Use Google so that you can use the option tools. Now you can search more specific.


I'm so sorry, because I know this is hard to find. My brother bought a used one online. It was very cheap so I hope you can find one online or maybe borrow or rent one. Also, it would be nice if the protector works with your computer so pay attention to that.


Alright if you are still reading this, it's now time to make sure if your protector works and if your image is good enough. Every beamer works different, so I can't help you with that. I watch a few YouTube tutorials about how to use a protector.


I went to the cheapest store in town and I bought paint and a lot of markers. Markers are your best friend when you are doing this! So, make sure you have good markers. The only thing that you need then is paint in the colour that you want. Make sure that the colour of the marker and the colour of the paint match.


Finally, we can start drawing! I loved to do this. My brother helped me, because it was a very big painting. It took a lot of time, but it was so much fun and it's so worth it!

How to work very fast:

  • With your marker you're going to draw the lines of the picture
  • Then you can turn the beamer off and now you're just going to fill it in with paint
  • let it dry and if you want you can just put another layer on top, but that's just optional


After that you're done! It maybe seems like a lot of work and I'm not going to lie it's going to cost you a day. But the result is so worth it! I have my painting for over a year now and it's still so beautiful

_ I hope you liked this DIY. Please tell me if I made a mistake I'm still working on my English._

Lots of love!