Every girl has that one boy who they'll always love. That one boy that they'll always care about no matter what. Yes, even if he broke her heart.

Well, it's 12:05 a.m and here goes nothing.. My heartbreak story.

So, technically, the story started in August of 2017. I started my senior year and had fourth period with a boy who I'll refer to as,"him," throughout this story. (I don't want to involve any names for privacy reasons for this person.) But I remember walking into class with my friend about 30 seconds before the bell went off, and when we got into the class it was absolutely packed. There just so happened to be two open seats at the very end of the front row for us to sit. Just like any normal teenage girl would, I noticed "him."

Turns out I actually knew of him before this day, I had just never gotten the opportunity to talk to him. He was friends with people I was close with. I always thought he was SO cute and SO funny but never thought of it anymore than that.

Then one week, keep in mind that I noticed everything about him, he wasn't at school at all. His seat was empty everyday. That weekend he added me on snapchat to get some work and notes for class that he had missed... and lets just say it went from there.

Fast forwarding a couple months, we fell in love....
We texted and talked everyday. I knew EVERYTHING about him. I could still tell you anything you wanted to know about him. I have never loved someone the way I loved him. I thought we'd be together forever. We did everything together. The level of comfort we had with each other was unbelievable. Everything just felt so right. I was so happy with him.

After close to a year of laughter, love, and just about anything else you could imagine it all came to a sudden end.

I woke up one day and was blocked on everything. Absolutely nothing had happened between him and I. (Yes, this sounds unbelievable but it's true.) I thought we were perfect. But he had blocked me off all social media and all ways of communicating with him. I was left really confused and hurt for a couple of days until finally hearing from him while I was at work one day. He had DM'd me on instagram and he told me that our entire relationship was a lie, and that I didn't put him as a first priority. Which in my opinion is completely false. But that was the only explanation he gave me. He wasted no time and shortly blocked me again, leaving me unable to have a conversation to get anymore answers about what went wrong with what seemed to be a perfect relationship.

Currently, we aren't together. It's been about two months since our breakup, and we haven't talked since that day. I have tried reaching out but it didn't work because he never got my messages, or calls, noticing they didn't deliver I knew I was still blocked.

I'm trying to put this part of my life behind me and start again with someone new one day. I believe everything happens for a reason. So, maybe it was bad timing? Or maybe it just wasn't meant to be with him and I. Either way, I'm slowly finding a way to find myself again. While there's always room for self improvement, I've realized that it was him and not me. If I wasn't good enough for him, I will be good enough for someone else. Always have faith in yourself! And I promise if you have hope and give genuine love to others you will find what is meant for you...