Ya don't need money to have fun.

Fun depends on you and there are hecka lot stuff to do that are fun this summer that are absolutely free.

Remember that fun is made by on you, the people you surround yourself with and the attitude you have. I’ve put together a list of stuff you can do, by yourself or with friends that will make these last couple weeks of summer super fun.

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Sleepover Grab your girlfriends, crash at someones house, eat junk food and watch movies till the sunrise. Nothing compares to girl talks with your closest friends, or watching the sunrise while gossiping about boys. Watch throwback movies and play with each others’ hair. Chill days with friends are never boring.
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Lake day Picnics on hot days by the lake, midnight dips or lakeside parties are all the rage. Summertime is the time to live in your bathing suit and get your darkest tan possible. Spending the day at the lake or beach is relaxing and zen. Take your friends, go on a date and soak up the sun.
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Window Shopping There’s no problem with strolling through the mall looking through shops. Try on dresses you know you can’t afford, look at all the shoes in the world and try makeup samples for free. With the right company, a day at the mall can be so much fun.
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Bridge Jumping Such a thrill, its great to push yourself to do things that scare you. Facing your fears makes you stronger, jumping off a bridge on a hot summer day is the perfect adrenaline rush. Grab your friends and find a bridge, make sure it’s safe to jump and feel the rush.

Much love for you all!


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