I would like to talk about self-development and how this is important for the life of every person.

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I have an anxious disorder and self-development is something that helps me to adequately exist in society.When you work on yourself, and then notice the results, even if they are very insignificant, you feel much more confident.You feel that you are capable of something and you aren't so useless as you thought.
I understand that this can be very difficult for many people, but the result is worth it to overcome their complexes and fears. For me it wasn't easy either. At first, I thought that it was pointless and the only thing that would help me is a pill. But I was wrong.The pills won't help you cope with what's been buried deep in your mind, with your fears. And as soon as I began to notice the first results, I began to feel much more confident, became easier for me to communicate with people and as a result I had many new acquaintances. Over time, many of my fears and complexes began to pass.Of course, this didn't solve my entire problem, and I still suffer from bouts of anxiety disorder. But mylife has become much better and more interesting.

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Self-development is all that can make you better as a personality.Go in for sports, learn something new, develop your skills, travel, communicate with people, take care of your appearance and health, but most importantly love yourself as you are, no matter what.