I heard something today:
My Love told me to find a way
To go back to that meeting place
To find our very sacred space.

“Go there, Diana” he said,
“Go there now; don’t be afraid,
Close your eyes, follow my voice
You have to trust, please make that choice,
Close your eyes, follow my voice
Find that place we can rejoice.”

I don’t know where this place is
Our deep bond feels like a myth
But I can neither deny nor resist
After all, I don’t think our love’s a myth.

“Remember that place we agreed to meet:
When our souls are whole and complete,
When we’re lost on our separate paths,
When this journey gets too hard?
We made a promise to each other
This sacred place is our reminder
That I am yours and you are mine
That our lives together are by design.
Please close your eyes and find that place
Go there to our sacred space,
Wait for me and I’ll return
Only a few more things to learn.
Our love’s unique but not rare
I might seem cold but I do care
Our union’s magical and possible
Our union’s probable and logical,
We’ve been connected since day one
The Divine created our connection
I love you with all my heart
Even though we’re still physically apart.
Remember I’ve been your Protector
And I’ll always love you forever,
So close your eyes and find our place
Within your soul, find our sacred space.
Maybe I’ll be there waiting for you
I’m looking for my way home, too.”

I miss my Protector, my lover, my best friend
Beyond time and space, message was sent
My heart finally embraces our journey
And lets his loving voice guide me.

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