Hey, my sunflowers!
Okay, I won't ramble too much, so you know how I've been obsessed with tags lately and I decided to create my own -since I've never seen anything like this-.
Bare with me since this is the first time I give this a go. Hope you like it and read my own version of this (which I'll link at the end of this) and, obviously, do this tag yourselves and send it to me so I can read it or use the hashtag #MyHorrorMovieCharacter so I can enjoy you all.
You make me happy <3

Anyway, here it is, let's go!

• Name.
• Age.
• Appearance.
• Fashion.
• Personality: so, I don't know how to explain this, so I'll link my article 'How I see myself as a fictional character' for reference, there is a section for personality and I'll link you an article on the 'Enneagram Types' so you can have a little idea of different personality traits, and if you don't know I think I will write an article on the Enneagram Test since is really interesting, let me know!

• Quotes.
• Movie Genre: now, there's many and I won't list them all but I mean, you name it; paranormal, slasher, gore and so on.
• Horror Movie Era: this is rather easy, I think, you can be in 2015 Scream Queens style or the 90's Scream style or, fuck, even the future Alien kinda thing. You take a pick!
• Villian: Demons, ghosts, killers, zombies and so on :D
• (Haunted) Setting.
• Weapon(s). (If any).
• Friends or Solo.
• Love Interest or Solo.
• Stupid decision. (If any).
• Dead or Survivor..

And that is it, hope you really consider doing one, I put a lot of effort in this one.


Note: This article will be updated with my version of the tag.
Edit: Read my version of the tag here:

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