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Welcome to one more article! I started this year, for the first time, a bullet journal and now I can say that I am already becoming a pro ahaha. So I bring you several ideas on how to fill in your bujo! Thanks for 4.1k! You can join me on Instagram @wtvjeni. If someone wants to make a collab, just send me a message.

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Habit Tracker

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You can create several habiters trackers to get into the routine! You'll find a fun way to get through the routine and get used to it. And here are some ideas for habit tracker:

  • drinking;
  • workout;
  • sleep;
  • healthy food;
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Birthdays and Holidays

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It is very important to put all the birthdays of your friends and family (so you do not forget and you are very ashamed), and of course the holidays to know when you can stay at home.

Monthly and Weekly Calendar

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It's very important to get organized! The calendar of the month and to mark important events and the weekly calendar is to mark what to do every day! But it depends on each one and the best way to organize


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Who ever had the big problem of not knowing what the Instagram password was? Or confuse facebook's password with Twitter's password? That's why it's important to mark all usernames and passwords!

Things to do

Here are some ideas on how to fill in your bujo:

  • Series to watch;
  • Books to read;
  • bucket list;
  • things to learn;
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You can make your year goals and the goals you want to achieve during the month!


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You must be thinking that this is almost the same as the habit tracker, but in reality it is not! Here you can put your routine of study, the skin routine, your routine morning and night! They have a thousand and one options!

If you want part two, you can text me!

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