Hello guys, i hope you are having a great day and that you're doing well. Today is my first time ever writing an article, and in it i'm giving you ideas of pictures to recreate in différents places and in différents environment.

disclaimer // i just want to say that English is not my first native language so please bear with me and maybe help me when i'm doing errors.

now let's get started shall we?

Mirror pic with friends

girl, friends, and goals image girl, lesbian, and friends image girl, friends, and friendship image kylie jenner, jordyn woods, and style image
I personnally think that selfie Mirror are a great a to have all your friends in the same picture whitout the one taking it being missing

.— Mirror pic by yourself

blonde, Calvin Klein, and girl image Image removed girl, adidas, and beauty image aesthetic, beige, and hair image maggie lindemann, orange, and tumblr image girl, style, and body image
If you want to show off your outfit of the day you should totally do a full body Mirror pic or if you just want to take this kind of pictures. But if not you can just take a face Mirror picture.

visiting cities

Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and friends image girl, fashion, and friends image Temporarily removed
girl, bike, and friendship image fashion, girl, and style image girls, fashion, and friends image friends, travel, and car image
If you want something more "nature".

at night

girl, site model, and beauty image bikini, kylie jenner, and girls image bun image girl image
i think that the pictures taken at night are really pretty and glowy with good lighting.

// Here you go guys i hope you've found some inspiration in this article.
Thank you so much for reading and please like this if you would like a part 2. Xo