hi guys here are some things I do to take care of myselffffff, I hope you enjoy these tips :)

  • Take a walk
beach, summer, and sand image
Just go out the door without knowing where you're going to, discover new places!!
  • Brain dumps
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Write everything that comes to your mind on a paper and see where it goes x
  • Yoga
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put on some relaxing music and do yoga
  • Take a bath
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(probably on of my favorites things) put on a face mask, fill your bath and forget about everything except yourself x
  • Take a goood nap
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just lay in bed and close your eyes for 15 minutes
  • Go on vacation
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explore new cities and cool places, don't forget to take pictures and create memories!!!
  • Call someone you love
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Have late night conversations on the phone

*Listen to music

Image by tanya
Put on your favorite playlist and wander away, or discover new songs and make different playlists
  • Look at the clouds
sky, clouds, and rainbow image
I love this one so muchhhh, lay outside and look at the sky. You might see cool clouds in different shapes x

That's it for today peepzz xxx I hope you liked this article xx