I saw this challenge on the article of milla and I wanted to it ! 😌

Day 1 〰 List 10 things that makes me happy 😃

  • Sunny weather
colorful, flowers, and grain image blue sky, sunny day, and beautiful weather image
  • See my family and friends
daughter, family, and mom image bff goals image
  • Doing sport
Image removed fitness, nike, and outfit image
  • Try new make up
flowers, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup and style image
  • Redecorate me room
bedroom, home, and room image room and decoration image
  • Travel
vans, mountains, and travel image Image by Miã
  • Doing shoping
Image removed fashion, nike, and outfit image
  • Eat
Image by ᴬˡᶤᵃᶰᵒᵛᶰᵃ † Image by Miã
  • Sleep and dream
dreams and reality image angle, bed, and Dream image
  • Got an IPhone (or just got a new phone)
iphone image iphone image
Right now I don't have an IPhone but I really want one. So I save money to bring me one but it's really expensive 😅 I hope, I got one soon.. It's not really a good goal but I admit that got one will make me happy 😏